Asked Questions

What is ICPC?

Indiana Council of Preschool Cooperatives (ICPC) governs basic guidelines and Standards for Indianapolis Cooperative Preschools. To find out more about what ICPC offers, please go to

Where do we park?

Parking is located directly across from the school in the church parking lot.  Please DO NOT park in the driveway of the school or the road directly in front of the school. This is is a fire lane and parking in this location could result in a fine.

When is CPT Training, Do I have to Attend & how much does it cost?

CPT training is required by ICPC for all new families. If you have attended another CPT training locally within the last 5 years, you have fulfilled your requirement. The training last for (2) 3 hour mornings from 9:00-Noon each day. Each person attending pays $20.00. GOCP absorbs the additional cost charged from ICPC. Childcare can be made available – please contact our CPT Chairperson if you will need it for either day. ALL NEW FAMILIES ARE REQUIRED TO ATTEND – GOCP will be fined for any families not following this very important policy.

Why is TB Testing required? What are the details?

ICPC and State Health Code mandates each participating member (as defined by someone who volunteers in the classroom more than 3 times a year)have a TB test on file at the school. As a courtesy, GOCP offers “Visiting Nurse Service”, to make it easier for parents to get the TB testing done.

This is for the volunteering parents/adults – NOT the child! Dates and costs will be announced at Back to School Night. This is a two step process: First day, they give the actual test. Approximately 48 hours later, they return for a quick look that takes less than a minute to read. Test results have to be read within 48 hrs to be valid.

We need to have at least 15 people use this service so it is not guaranteed GOCP can provide this. You can go to your own Dr or Urgent Care, just make sure we get the report back immediately. This test is something that ALL participating members have EACH year. Any questions or concerns can be directed to GOCP’s Health and Safety Chairperson.

Who do I talk to when I have a question?

The first person you should ask is your Class Representative. They are the “President” of each classroom and have all the information you need. If they cannot directly help you, they will tell you exactly who AND how to contact the correct person. In your handbook, there is a section all about “Here’s Who to Call” that guides you also.

If you do have any questions or concerns about your child’s progress, in school or out, PLEASE talk with your teacher! They are very well trained, both through their individual backgrounds, ICPC and the “School of Mom” – use them for advice about behaviors, learning or just a sounding board. They care very much about each child and only want the best for them – and want to help! Co-op is about caring for parents too – don’t forget that!

Do I have other jobs at the school in addition to participating in class?

YES!  We are truly a parent-owned school.  Therefore, 99% of everything that gets done is done by our parents.  This can sound very scary but really, it is pretty easy and just takes teamwork.  GOCP has been around for almost 40 years so it does work!!

Job titles and descriptions are discussed in detail at Back to School Night and range from President to paper goods supply to play dough maker.  Every job is very important and the school cannot run smoothly without each one.

Where do I pay my tuition and other fees at?

There is a  tuition box in each classroom on top of the cubbie bookcase.  Checks can be placed here.  All checks also need to be noted with payment info, example September Tuition (no envelope required).

You also have the option of paying online, via PayPal (your bank account). This is free to you! The 15th of each month, you will be emailed an invoice for the following month. Tuition is due on the 1st of the month. Late fees will be charged if payment hasn’t been received by the 10th of the month.

Where do I put forms/notes, etc. for Registration, Vaccinations, etc…?

None of us have individual “mailboxes”. We use our kid’s cubbies. If you have something that needs to get to someone you don’t see often, please put it in their child’s cubby. If it is something of a sensitive/private nature, just be sure to put in an envelope or fold it in a way to keep private.

What if I have receipts to be reimbursed for?

Next to the tuition box (next to sink in Sprout/Twig classroom), there is a standing file with a large envelope marked “Treasurer”. In this, there are “Reimbursement Request Forms”. Fill one out completely, attach all receipts and stick back in envelope. Payment will be available within a week of submission. Please do not wait more than 30 days to request reimbursement, due to budgeting. We are sales tax exempt so please ask the Treasurer for a tax exempt certificate if you do plan to purchase something.

How do I become more involved?

Just ASK! Because we are a parent-owned school, it is vital to our growth and survival that parents use their talents!! There is an option for everyone – from the parent who only has a tight window of availability to the one who is looking for a more detailed position!

If you see something that you want to do or know of something new, your input is more than welcomed & appreciated!

Another very easy way to stay or get involved is come to monthly parent meetings.  This is when all business of the school is discussed and new ideas are discussed & approved.  Parent meetings are usually held at the school, the 1st Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm.  If the location or date changes, the website will announce that.

GOCP is a Tree Nut-Free School - what does that mean?

Because ages 2-6 are the prime ages in which allergies are diagnosed, GOCP has adopted a no tree-nut policy. When bringing snack or any food items in the school (whether it is to be individually eaten or shared), it CANNOT contain any type of nut. Safety is a top priority at GOCP!

How often will I have to participate in my child's classroom?

Because enrollment varies and Adult/Child ratios have to be met, it depends. For general guidelines, each parent is in the classroom approximately twice a month.