Forms & Policy

Even if your child’s first day of school is months away, there are several things to take care of between now and then. Below, you will find the following forms to fill out and return with your registration.

2020-2021 Registration Form

GOCP 2020-21 Registration form

Consent Form

Consent form

Standing Rules

Standing Rules 2020

Discipline Policy

GOCP Discipline Policy

Child Protection Policy

Parent Agreement

Parent Agreement 2020

Fundraising Information

GOCP Everyday Fundraising Tools

Parent Contact Card


Health Record


Emergency Contact / Authorization

GOCP-Emergency-Contact-Authorization 2020

Parent Handbook

Parent Handbook 2020

COVID Parent Agreement

covid parent agreement

All forms are due prior to your child’s first day of school, and children cannot start school until all forms have been received. Please return all forms to the school’s VP of Membership. A parent handbook, and other preschool information will be given out during back-to-school night.